Watch The Voice Kids star (Eshraqat Ahmed) graduate from childhood to adolescence… and the audience can’t believe her new features!


The girl, Ashrakat Ahmed, star of The Voice Kids program, was a guest on the Kalam Stat program, which is shown on channel one.


Ashraq appeared in a different way and a noticeable change in her features from the way she appeared in the program in 2017. During the episode, Ashrakat presented a number of distinguished songs, most notably the popular song “No, this color is not with us” by the star Ahmed Adawiya, in addition to the song “Bint Akaber” by the artist Asala.

After her participation in The Voice program ended, she released two songs, along with a new song that will be filmed soon. During her hosting on the program, she directed the star Tamer Hosni to agree to appear with her in the clip without singing.

It is noteworthy that Ashrakat recently finished recording a song for people with special needs, and it is scheduled to be filmed and released in the coming period as a video clip.

On the other hand, Ashrakat’s father revealed, through his account on one of the social networking sites, that his daughter was chosen from the United Nations to represent Egypt in the world song, The Dream of the World, along with 6 of her colleagues from The Voice Kids program to represent his country.

It is worth noting that Ashrakat was part of Tamer Hosni’s team in the final competition, and her competitors were from the other teams, Loujain from Saudi Arabia and Hamza Labyad from Morocco. number of parties.



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