What did the first Libyan female candidate say about her chances in the December elections?


And she spoke in exclusive statements to “Sky News Arabia” about her opportunities in December 24 electionsThe most prominent obstacles and challenges facing the next president.

Ben Khalifa considered that the prevailing belief that the competition is limited to a number of candidates is an “inaccurate belief”, adding that “the Libyans are somewhat tired of people and names that are repeated every time, and are looking for other personalities who were not in the scene.”

From this standpoint, she believes that her chance as a candidate is available, as a “good opportunity”, adding: “The first and last opinion is for the Libyans.”

Libyan women

While noting that she is counting on women for her support during the upcoming elections, noting that “women are the first and last victims of everything that happens in Libya,” she stated that it is not the only dependence, but that she also depends on men, youth and the entire Libyan society; On the grounds that the next president will be the president of all Libyans, explaining at the same time that she refuses to limit her to a project that specifically concerns women only.

Ben Khalifa stressed that “women are a large and integral part of the Libyan society (…). I believe in social justice. Women are like men, and the next president – whether a man or a woman – is the one who will lead the entire Libyan nation,” pointing out at the same time. He pointed out that “Libyan women, after years, have proven in all the previous stages that they are strong and capable and can reach far beyond what some imagine, and that many of the successes are directly or indirectly linked to the name of the Libyan woman.”

Themes of the electoral program

The Libyan candidate indicated three main axes on which she builds her electoral program; It is headed by the foreign policy axis, because of its paramount importance, then the security and economic axes are among the main and priority axes of the electoral program, followed by other axes such as the education and health axes “in order to set general policies to manage the two sectors until the executive body (the government) comes and is able to to implement this policy.

Ben Khalifa commented on the calls to boycott the elections, saying: “I am against boycotting in form and substance for any project that is proposed. The boycott means that a person is excluding himself by himself.. Perhaps we are not all satisfied with some of the laws that were introduced in the recent period, and we see in them many shortcomings, but we are in At the same time, we need to move the political process in Libya after a stalemate that lasted for nearly seven years.”

And she added, “We are all with this number of candidates for the presidential elections. I wish everyone to call for accepting the election results,” commenting on the preemption of certain forces by announcing their non-recognition of the results of the December 24 elections.

The presidential candidate explained that there are many challenges facing the next president of Libya, especially with regard to the decisions taken in the previous stages and even during the current stage, which have had dire consequences for Libya.

The international community

Regarding the extent of reliance on the international community to support the Libyan elections and their results later, she said: “If we do not help ourselves, no one will support us. The international community is a partner, and Libya does not belong to it, but rather it belongs to us as citizens, and we are the first and last affected by what it is witnessing.” The country, and if we are able to impose our opinion and make our right and correct decision, we will impose on these countries and the international blocs and lobbies that are looking for their interests, to respect the Libyans and their decision.”

Regarding the file of mercenaries and foreign forces, the presidential candidate stressed, in her statements to “Sky News Arabia” that “the sovereignty of the Libyan state and the value of the Libyan nation are not up for discussion, and therefore the presence of these forces is rejected… There are arrangements that have been worked out by a committee.” 5 + 5 and we hope that the next president, whoever he is, will follow in the same footsteps… The removal of these people does not come overnight, and the issue needs some arrangements.”

And she continued, “The file of unifying the institutions is the most important file… and when the political, military and civil institutions unite, the issue of removing these forces will become very smooth.”

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