Who is Ghada Wali, the creator of the slogan “The Rams’ Road Celebration”? The first Egyptian woman on the Forbes list and the wife of Hassan Abu Al-Roos | news


Yesterday evening, Thursday, November 25, the world’s attention turned to Luxor to follow the celebration of the opening of Rams Road, and the first thing that caught the eye was the celebration’s slogan that adorned the city’s streets.

The design came in the form of the pharaonic sun boat with the word Luxor written in English differently, and the audience began to search for the creator of this design, who designed it and how it came to be the design for the celebration.

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The creator of the design is an Egyptian girl named Ghada Wali, and the following is the most prominent information about her:

-She is the youngest woman from the Middle East and North Africa to join the TEDx Global Speakers, which selects speakers from all over the world, and was chosen for her multiple achievements in the world of graphic design.

– The first Egyptian to join the Forbes Youth Under 30 list in the Art category 2017, for designing a program that helps teach Arabic to non-native speakers by building Arabic letters using Lego blocks.

Her works won the Granchane competition in Munich, and she won two awards for achievement in Adobe Design.

– The Chicago Typographical Art Society ranked her among the 100 best graphic designers in the world, and her works were shown in exhibitions in Zurich.


– Won a Silver Award at Italy’s prestigious A’ Design & Competition for her range of hand-painted designs for edible insect packaging, and other design awards.

She received the AWDA and AIAP Award for Women in Design in Milan, in recognition of influential women in the field.

Ghada Wali was born in 1990, and graduated from the Graphic Design Department at the German University in Cairo 2011.


– She traveled to Italy in 2015 to study at the University of “Florence”, which was nominated for the “Forbes” magazine competition.

– She represented Egyptian women at the World Youth Forum in November 2017 in Sharm El-Sheikh, and her design was chosen.


Ghada Wali is also the wife of the artist Hassan Abu Al-Roos.



It is noteworthy that the city of Luxor witnessed yesterday evening the opening ceremony of the project to revive the Rams Road, in the presence of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and a group of officials, ministers, senior statesmen and officials from various international bodies, as the project is one of the most important archaeological and tourism projects in the world.

The ceremony began with the song “Our Country is Sweet” with the participation of the singer Mohamed Hamaki and Lara Iskandar, and then a film was shown in which a number of artists participated to introduce the city of Luxor, its history and the most important areas in it. Hind Al-Rawi, Ezz Al-Ostool, Heidi Moussa and Wael Al-Finshi, who presented the song “Luxor Baladna” with orchestral arrangement.

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