Will Mahmoud Kahraba leave Al-Ahly in the winter Mercato after his crisis with Musimani?


The crisis of Mahmoud Kahraba, the first football team player in the club, escalated Al-Ahly, With the technical staff of the team led by Pitso Musimani, after he was excluded from the list of the team that participated in the official matches for the third time in a row, so that a state of uncertainty prevails about the player’s future with the team before the upcoming winter transfer period, which is what we shed light on in the following lines.

Q: When did Musimani’s relationship with Kahraba become tense?

A: There has become a clear state of mistrust between South African Betso Musimani, coach of Al-Ahly, and Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba, coach of Al-Ahly, after the press conference crisis, during which Musimani believed that Kahraba conveyed the team’s news to journalists, which the player later denied, but after that The incident, Kahraba did not participate in any meeting with Al-Ahly, and he left the list three times in a row in front of Zamalek, and then before the Arab Contractors, and finally in front of Al-Mahalla.

Q: Are there other reasons behind the exclusion of electrification?

A: Some sources close to Musimani reported that the South African coach refuses to involve Kahraba in the matches because he is not interested in performing his defensive role on the field with the same strength with which he is good at performing the offensive role, which called the coach to ask the player to develop this part of his performance until he returns to the green rectangle.

Q: What did Kahraba do with Al-Ahly?

A: Since Kahraba moved to Al-Ahly in January 2020, he participated in 62 matches, during which he succeeded in scoring 17 goals and making 9.

Q: Did Kahraba cause crises in the recent period with Al-Ahly?

A: All evidence points to Kahrabas innocence of any failure within the Al-Ahly club during the last period, which is clearly evident in the matches he plays with the red genie. Al-Ahly, even in friendly matches, the last of which was with Moniya Samanoud, and the player succeeded in scoring a goal and appeared in a good technical way, as well as not electing any problem during the recent period, despite his continued exclusion from the matches, so he did not make any comment outside through the social media platforms.

Q: Has the relationship between Musimani and Kahraba reached a dead end?

A: No.. Musimani intends to give Kahraba an opportunity in the upcoming matches with Al-Ahly to judge his ability to exploit it or not before making a final decision regarding his fate with the Red Castle next January, whether by agreeing to lend him or sell him or even keep him if he succeeds in submitting credentials A key player in the Red Genie squad.

Q: Will he leave Al-Ahly electrically in the winter?

A: If Kahraba continues to leave Musimani’s accounts, the player will search for a loan offer in the upcoming winter transfers in search of participating in matches on an ongoing basis.


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