Will star Yasmine Sabry fall into the trap that Haifa Wehbe fell into before? Why did Abu Hashima prevent her from having children, and is he planning to marry? Here are some interesting details!!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The duo, Ahmed Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry, are considered the most famous couple in the Arab world, and they have been talked about more during the past two years in various media and social networking sites.


Since the marriage of Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry in April of last year 2020, their working or personal lives are no longer theirs, as everything related to their lives has become the subject of media talk.

One of the most important personal matters that some media have touched on is the pregnancy of the artist Yasmine Sabry, where many rumors spread about this matter, and some have reached the official announcement of her pregnancy and the imminence of her first-born baby from Abu Hashima.

Although Abu Hashima and Yasmine Sabry ignored these rumors, sources close to the couple denied this, and confirmed that Yasmine Sabry’s pregnancy will not take place in the near time at the request of Abu Hashima, who wants to postpone this matter to a later time, according to what was reported by Egyptian media. .

Those media quoted unnamed sources as saying that Abu Hashima stipulated that Yasmine not have children before their marriage, especially since he is the father of two young men and does not like to be the father of a new child, and in turn, Yasmine agreed to this matter since she is also the mother of a child from her previous marriage, but she prefers not to discuss this. Topic.

Some believe that Yasmine and Abu Hashimas marriage is not based on procreation, especially since it is not in the interest of both parties. Yasmine has a career that she has not yet started in the world of drama and cinema, while Abu Hashima does not favor having children after this age.

While others believe that Abu Hashimas keenness not to have children with Yasmine Sabry, it may stem from his desire to repeat the experience of marriage again, as he did with Haifa Wehbe before, who was married for three years and did not have any children.

Abu Hashima is considered one of the most prominent businessmen in Egypt, and he previously married his colleague at the university and had two sons with her, then he separated from her in 2008, and in 2009 he married the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe, and separated from her in 2012.
In April of last year 2020,

Abu Hashima was associated with the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, and the duo has since become the focus of various media and social media pioneers.


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