With better picture quality and lower internet consumption.. Huawei users get the MeeTime app to make calls in Egypt


Huawei Consumer Business announced the availability of the MeeTime To make voice calls and video calls exclusively to all users of Huawei devices in Egypt, as it is one of the best applications through which you can make calls with highly efficient image and sound quality, in addition to consuming less Internet.

And lets apply MeeTime Many exclusive features for users of Huawei devices, where users can switch between different Huawei devices without having to end the call, where the user can start a call on his smart phone, for example, and then transfer the call smoothly to his tablet device and complete it without any interruption as the application is the first of its kind In the world that offers this feature, which comes to complement the ecosystem of Huawei Huawei Ecosystem By connecting all devices together. The company has also continuously developed all the services of the application to provide an easy and smooth experience even with low ambient light or poor Internet connection, due to the important role that video calls play these days.

Huawei has launched an app MeeTime To make voice calls and video calls on its devices in order to provide these services with superior quality, all users of the application on Huawei devices can obtain image quality up to 1080 resolution on both ends of the call to ensure enjoying a clear and pure video calling experience. This is by using the jet velocity technology of GPUThis feature will automatically improve the video quality when the network connection is poor. Thanks to the smart algorithms in this technology, faces can be seen clearly even when making a video call at night or in a poorly lit environment.

Users can share the screen of their devices during a call to transfer messages with each other more effectively, as you can take some notes or drawings on your screen and share them with others at the same time. You can also play a presentation, compare files or discuss the latest news, all from the comfort of whatever device suits you best. And with the announcement of the Huawei interface EMUI 12With the new technology, users of Huawei devices can make voice calls and video calls through the application MeeTime More easily and smoothly by installing the new Huawei interface to be in touch all the time with all your friends, relatives and co-workers.

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