“World Health”: 32 variables with a mutant protein or micron, and its symptoms are mild so far


Maha Talaat, the regional advisor for antimicrobial resistance at the World Health Organization, said that the new mutant “Omicron“It was reported to the organization on November 24 from South Africa, noting that this mutant represents some danger compared to other mutant, because it carries significant genetic changes of up to 32 variants in the protein characteristic of the virus.

She added, during an intervention with the journalist Ahmed Musa on the “On My Responsibility” program: “There were indications of concern, which are that the statements issued from South Africa that there is an outbreak of this mutator among a group of students, and it has spread very widely, as it has spread to the point that it is present in all the cities of South Africa, as well as to a large number of countries.

She said: “The symptoms so far are simple, because the infected are young, and therefore we do not know if the effect of this mutation on the rest of the age groups, because it is normal for the symptoms on young people to be simple, and the symptoms are very similar to the main virus, but an increase in numbers was monitored.” Patients have been referred to hospitals in South Africa, but this does not mean that the symptoms are serious.”

And she continued, “It has not been proven so far that this mutation leads to serious cases or serious complications so far, and the data says that the pcr The normal coronavirus, which is detected, is the same type of test for the new Omicron mutant.”


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