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Xiaomi Note 10 phone price and specifications in Egypt


Xiaomi Note 10 phone price and specifications in Egypt – Tqfni

Xiaomi Note 10 phone price and specifications in EgyptXiaomi phones were able to conquer all markets worldwide, and the company’s latest release was the Xiaomi Note 10 phone, which filled all the needs and specifications of the phone that the user is looking for, and thus the company was able to achieve huge profits, because its features are great and its price is suitable for everyone, and we will know Together on the price and specifications of the Xiaomi Note 10 phone in Egypt and the price of the Xiaomi Note 10 phone.

Xiaomi Note 10 phone specifications

Xiaomi Note 10 Specifications Some people want to buy a Xiaomi Note 10 phone, so we show you the phone specifications:

  • The size of the phone screen is 6.43 inches, so it can be used as an alternative to the TV in watching movies and series, and the screen quality is 2400 * 1080 pixels, so it gives you a distinctive and accurate viewing.
  • The screen is scratch and shock resistant, and displays notifications even after it is closed.
  • Two SIM cards can be installed on the phone, and it supports 4G networks.
  • The phone is equipped with external speakers that work as stereo when playing audio, and the microphone is light-proof.
  • The phone supports Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as for the memory, it ranges from 64 GB to 128 GB, depending on the version.
  • The phone contains two cameras: the rear camera has a resolution of 48 mega pixel camera, and the front camera is 13 mega pixel camera, which enables you to shoot videos in high quality.
  • The phone’s camera allows recording videos for an hour continuously, with a resolution of up to 2160 pixels.
  • Face and smile can be identified while taking a photo or video.

xiaomi note 10 phone price

The price of the Xiaomi Note 10 phone The Xiaomi Note 10 is available in two versions, 128 GB and 256 GB, and their prices in Egypt are as follows:

  1. Xiaomi Note 10 phone, 128 GB version, 6 GB RAM, at 7999 pounds.
  2. Xiaomi Note 10 phone, 256 GB version, 8 GB RAM, at 8999 pounds.

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