Zamalek is awaiting the Football Association’s decision to lift the ban on Shikabala


Zamalek club officials, headed by Hussein Labib, head of the committee in charge of managing the White Castle, are awaiting a decision from the Football Association in the coming hours regarding the decision to suspend Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala for 8 matches and fine him 250 thousand pounds, against the background of receiving the league shield in the past season..

Zamalek officials hope to lift the suspension penalty for Shikabala, especially after the Settlement and Arbitration Center issued a ruling to lift the penalty, and Zamalek is waiting to obtain support from the Jabalia so that the player can participate in the upcoming confrontations..

Officials of the Egyptian Olympic Committee were surprised by the failure of the Football Association to implement the decision of the Settlement and Arbitration Committee to lift the suspension of Shikabala, as the decision is binding on the Football Association and the officials in Jabalia must implement the decision.

A source within the Egyptian Olympic Committee confirmed that, according to the new sports law in accordance with Article 66 to Article 72 regarding the formation of the arbitration and settlement center, and that it is related to sports disputes and its decisions are binding on all sports bodies in accordance with the law, explaining that FIFA does not have the right to intervene or Amending the punishment of Shikabala, as was reported by officials of the Gabaliya, stressing that the decisions of the arbitration center are subject to Egyptian law and the Football Association must implement the decisions issued by the center.

Football Association officials had confirmed that the decisions of the Settlement and Arbitration Center to lift the suspension of Shikabala, which was issued by the Football Association against the background of the events of handing over the League Shield last season, are non-binding decisions and the suspension of Shikabala is final..

Football Association officials stated that FIFA is the only owner of the right to amend Shikabala’s penalty in the event of resorting to it by Zamalek Club, while the Settlement and Arbitration Center has no decision on the Football Association.


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