A decent life: the percentage of project implementation reached 95% in some governorates, and the lowest was 60%.


Khaled Gamal, Field Sector Coordinator, said: good lifeThe implementation rate in the first phase of the initiative, which targets 20 million citizens, reached from 90 to 95%, indicating that the lowest implementation rate in any of the projects amounted to 60%.

Gamal added, during a phone call to the “Al-Hayat Al-Youm” program, presented by the journalist Mohamed Mustafa Sherdy via Al-Hayat channel, that the governor of Sohag is one of the largest governorates in which projects are implemented, with 1,238 projects in Sohag, at a cost of 45 billion pounds.

Gamal stressed that the main projects implemented by the initiative in all governorates of Egypt, during the first phase, will make a qualitative leap in the lives of citizens and reduce the migration of villagers to cities.

Jamal pointed out that the people of the villages were suffering in the past in order to obtain basic services, but the initiative saved them effort and time after providing them with all government services through smart centers, as well as introducing the infrastructure of drinking water, sanitation, roads and other services. the basic.

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