A famous artist visited Adel Imam and refused to go out to receive her.. You will not believe who she is


Four years ago, specifically in the middle of 2017, a famous artist visited the location of the filming of the series “Afairt Adly Allam”, but the leader did not come out to receive her.

Director Rami Imam at the time received Elissa on the set of the Nahas studio, but his father did not come out to receive her.

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However, the Egyptian media revealed the reason for Adel Imam’s commitment to his room, which is the clothes he was wearing to film one of the scenes, which he was keen not to appear to reporters and photographers outside the room so that his personality would not be revealed and the events of the series be burned.

The leader asked his son to bring Elisa to his room to receive her inside and thank her for his visit.

It is noteworthy that “Afarit Adly Allam” starring Adel Imam, Ghada Adel, Hala Sedky, Kamal Abu Raya, Lotfi Labib, Bayoumi Fouad, Rashwan Tawfiq and May Omar, and it is written by Youssef Maati and directed by Ramy Imam.

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