A funny thief.. fell asleep and fell asleep in the bed of the owner of the house


A funny incident of theft occurred in Egypt, where the owners of a house on TV Street in the center of Luxor, in the south of the country, were able to catch a thief inside their house while he was sleeping in one of the rooms, after he fell asleep during the theft.

The people caught the thief and handed him over to the security forces, who drafted a report for him and referred him to the prosecution.

Major General Khaled Abdel Hamid, Luxor Security Director, received a report that a residential property owner had caught a 30-year-old thief, who was sleeping in his bed after he fell asleep while he was stealing.

It turned out that the thief was called A. AD and crept into the house in the middle of the night and fell asleep during the theft, so he fell asleep in one of the rooms until the owner of the house arrived and discovered his presence and handed him over with the help of the parents to the police.

The accused was referred to the Public Prosecution Office, which determined his accusation of attempted theft instead of theft, and decided to release him.

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