A new and unexpected appearance for the homeless star of the series (Al-Hajj Metwally), and the surprise in her new place? Watch the shock


Many do not know her in her current form, but the majority of Egyptians know her in the form in which she appeared in the famous series The Family of Hajj Metwally starring the artist Nour El Sherif, which was broadcast for the first time in the month of Ramadan in the year 2001.


The artist Marwa Mohamed participated in the series, where she was 21 years old and had a remarkable beauty and participated in several other works, then she disappeared to appear a year ago through pictures circulated by the pioneers of communication sites in Egypt while she lives in the street, homeless and homeless.

The pioneers of communication revealed that the artist lives on a street in the Beheira governorate in northern Egypt and lives under a tree, while the media revealed that the artist was subjected to a psychological shock after the death of her mother and left the house and resided on the street due to differences with her brother.

While Mahmoud Waheed, owner of the “Together to Save a Human” Foundation, revealed last February that the foundation would take care of the artist and provide her with shelter in the house, while the Foundation showed pictures of the artist after she had already resided in the house and adapted to life there among the inmates.

Waheed said that the artist was subjected to a severe psychological shock after the death of her mother, who was very attached to her, adding that her brother abandoned her and became homeless in the streets and her condition became very bad and in a pitiful condition for her.

It is noteworthy that the artist, Marwa Mohamed, was born in 1980 in the village of Nakla El-Anab, in the Itay El-Baroud Center in Beheira.



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