A revolutionary innovation promises to treat cancer without symptoms


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Recently, scientific reports revealed that Chinese scientists were able to develop microscopic robots that can deliver chemotherapy directly to cancerous tumors in the body, which opens the doors to avoiding severe symptoms of treatment among patients.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, this revolutionary robot, which does not exceed 0.01 of a millimeter in size, was developed through 3D printing techniques, based on a “gel” ointment that can change its shape when exposed to high levels of acidity.

During the experiment, the “robot”, in the form of a fish, was immersed in a solution of iron oxide, gaining the ability to magnetically attract, and then filling its mouth with the chemotherapy drug that a cancer patient needs.

This microscopic robot can be injected through the blood vessels, and then made its way to the site of the cancerous tumor, by means of magnetic force.

Cancer cells increase the acidity level in the fluids that surround them, and to solve this problem, the microscopic robot was designed to change its shape and open what looks like its mouth, to release the chemotherapy inside.

These robots have only been tested in the laboratory so far, while their transfer to human medicine requires that they become smaller than the current size developed by the Chinese company, according to Sky News Arabia.

Currently, a cancer patient is injected with chemotherapy, and the drug travels freely inside the body, until it kills cancer cells.

But the current treatment method leads to many other side effects, as it harms the unaffected cells, and many complications such as hair loss occur.

Accordingly, this robot will allow medicine to treat cancer patients, without causing unwanted damage, to the healthy cells of the body.


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