A Russian spacecraft takes two Japanese tourists and a Russian astronaut to the space station


This morning, the Russian manned “Soyuz-MS-20” spacecraft was launched from the Russian “Baikonur” airport with a “Soyuz-2.1A” missile, carrying the Russian cosmonaut and TASS correspondent Alexander Misorkin, the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Madzava and his assistant Yudzu Hirano on board.

According to the “RT” website, the spacecraft separated from the accelerator unit and reached Earth’s orbit to make 4 revolutions around our planet, and then it will dock at 16:41 Moscow time with the International Space Station.

The vehicle carries New Year’s gifts and foodstuffs, including fresh fruits, letters from relatives and relatives, and equipment for medical and biological experiments, weighing 162 kilograms, to the crew of the International Station.

The two Japanese tourists and the Russian cosmonaut, Mysorkin, will return to Earth on December 20.


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