A strange incident.. They walked around the body of their friend on a bicycle


Friends of the deceased young man, Eric Cedeno, raised the body of their slain friend, after he was shot by two assailants on his way to a funeral.

Friends carried Sedino from his coffin in Portoviego, Manabe province, with EcuadorAnd they took his body on a farewell tour, according to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”.

A video clip shows a group of young people putting the body of the young man in a strange way behind the biker, while another friend sits behind the body to install it during the tour, where a large crowd was also seen who had gathered to observe this strange incident.

And they are some of the friends who helped put the murdered person on the bike, by cheering, encouraging and singing, in a strange scene.

The group claimed that it obtained permission from Eric’s parents to bid him farewell, but the authorities described the incident as “abnormal”, while none of those involved in exhuming the young man’s body from his coffin were arrested.

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