A sudden pass refers 10 doctors and nurses to transfer them outside canal hospitals


Abdul Rahim Abdul Bari

Within the framework of the continuous and intensive follow-up to the medical service outlets in the Sharkia Governorate, the Administrative Control Authority in the Eastern Province, represented by Lieutenant-Colonel Mahmoud Wahsh, and Dr. The medical services provided to patients and citizens, where they inspected the various medical departments in the hospitals, and it was confirmed the presence of manpower in the places of medical service provision, their wearing of personal condoms during work, and the availability of the necessary quantities of medicines and medical supplies in the reception and emergency departments, and critical medical departments, and an inventory of some items was made. And guidance on the importance of organizing and arranging some medicines inside the emergency cupboard,

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It was also ensured that the nursing staff was well trained in dealing with medical devices, and Lt. Col. Mahmoud Wahsh reviewed the itineraries of patients with respiratory diseases, accident victims, and those attending the reception departments since the beginning of their admission to the hospital, signing a medical examination on them, conducting medical and laboratory examinations, and providing all services They have medical treatment, and until they leave the reception department, they will improve, or they will be transferred to the different medical departments in the hospital according to their health condition.

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Lieutenant-Colonel Mahmoud Wahsh and Dr. Hisham Masoud stressed the increase in lighting in some rooms in the reception department of the central channel hospital, and the necessary maintenance for electrical work. To dialysis patients, to ensure their satisfaction with the medical service provided to them, and their medical records were matched, and to ensure that all nursing data and procedures were recorded in them, and to provide all aspects of medical care to patients.

It also notes, during entering the reception and emergency department at Zagazig General Hospital, that the CPR room was closed, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry directed the transfer of the three nurses responsible for closing the room outside the hospital. Including 2 doctors in canalization, 4 doctors, including a doctor attached to the Egyptian fellowship program, and 2 from the General Nursing Authority in Zagazig, and the Undersecretary of the Ministry decided to transfer the absentees out of the hospital, and to transfer the fellowship doctor, and the four nursing supervisors in the hospital, to investigate the legal affairs of the Directorate, with a tightening of the penalty.

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They also inspected the center for immunizing citizens with the Corona vaccine in the Channels Hospital, and to ensure the ease of vaccination procedures with the first and second doses, for those registered on the electronic registration site of the Ministry of Health and Population, and the issuance of approved certificates for those who received the anti-Coronavirus vaccine, for citizens wishing to extract them, and to ensure that all procedures are followed. Preventive and precautionary measures while working.


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