A surprise in the artistic community.. This is the main reason for the divorce of the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe from businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima (shocking secret details)


To this day it is still revealing new information and secrets, despite the passage of many years since their separation, but there are still many questions that come to the mind of the Arab public, especially after the presentation of the episode of the Egyptian artist Tamer Hejres, with his citizen media, Enas Al-Deghaidi, on the Sheikh Al-Hara and Al-Jari’ program on The screen of the Cairo and the people channel.


The character called “Sheikh Al-Hara” confirmed that Tamer Hejres has chased a Lebanese artist for many months, because of his great admiration for her and his desire to be in an emotional relationship with her. Haifa Wehbe, prompted him to search for any acting role to combine with her, until he got that role and acted with her in 2009.

When referring to Tamer’s artistic history, he appeared with the Lebanese singer “Haifa Wehbe” in the video clip “Inta Tani”, which achieved great success. During the period the duo dealt together at the time, Haifa was married to the Egyptian businessman “Ahmed Abu Hashima”, which opened the door to suspicion that they were in a love affair and that betrayal was the reason for her divorce from Abu Hashima.

After circulating news of the Lebanese actress Haifa Wehbe’s betrayal of her husband, Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, through the press and social networking sites, they officially separated in 2012, after they entered into disagreements that lasted more than two years. Tamer Hejres, and widespread criticism from the audience of social media platforms.

The news revealed the strong relationship and mutual trust for nearly six years between the spouses Abu Hashima and Haifa Wehbe before Maher Hejres entered the latter’s life.

The Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe had filmed at the end of 2009, her songs “Inta Tani” in a video clip, and she appeared in her clip as a Romanian warrior who is skilled in martial arts and is linked to a love story with her strong fighter coach “Andrew”, whose role was embodied by the artist Tamer Hejres.

The clip was filmed for several months, in the Basri runway area, south of Damascus, and Haifa Wehbe at the time, according to Abu Hashima.

Haifa trained for a long time on some difficult movements at the hands of the famous battle coach Andrew (Tamer Hejres), who participated in the films Troy and Ibrahim Al-Abyad.

The clip was inspired by an international movie and cost more than a million and a half Egyptian pounds approximately, thus obtaining the highest cost for a song in 2009, the song “Inta Tani” written by Amir Taima and composed by Ramy Gamal.

Haifa Wehbe’s song clip “Anta Tani” cost her a high price from her personal life, which was represented by her entering into disputes with her husband, Ahmed Abu Hashima, which ended in divorce.


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