A surprising comment from Hassan Youssef about not being invited to the Cairo Film Festival


The artist, Hassan Youssef, said that the Egyptian state honored him in 2013, on the festival of art, and he received the Medal of Science and Arts, first class, with a group of senior figures of Egyptian art.

Youssef added, during a telephone interview with the media, Basma Wahba, presenter of the 90-minute program, on the “Al-Mehwar” channel, “I am not angry because I am invited to the Cairo Film Festival.”
He continued, “Rashwan Tawfiq’s invitation was wonderful to help him overcome the ridiculous crisis he went through with her family, and honoring Lubna Abdel Aziz is also wonderful, she has a special pride for me and the first person I worked with.”

He added, “From the beginning of the Corona crisis, while I was sitting on the sofa, watching the programs, and I was pleased with Mohamed Salah’s performance with Liverpool.”

It is noteworthy that the 43rd session of the Cairo International Film Festival, which concluded its activities last Sunday, witnessed the screening of more than 100 films, from 63 countries, including 27 films in world premieres, 7 films in international screenings, and 48 premieres in the East. The Middle East and North Africa, and 14 premieres in the Arab countries and North Africa, and 9 Gala “Red Carpet” shows.


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