A surprising comment from Helmy Bakr on the song “Shaimaa”: A literary comment


The composer Helmy Bakr expressed his deep dissatisfaction with the rapid spread of the song “Shaimaa”, by festival performer Youssef Sousta.

Helmy said, during a telephone interview with the “Free Space” program, broadcast on the “Al-Hadath” satellite channel, “I have never heard of a singer named Zippers, is it the zippers of trousers? I don’t want to be less literary, and I say the zippers are installed where they are. And then about the lack of literature that we are in and the channels that broadcast to these people. Our life has become a song linked to a bow and a zipper, oh sweetness, oh people.”

He added: “This is a crime committed against the country. Neither the union has an invitation nor those who sing the scum countries have an invitation, and as long as we have a culture of ignorance, there is no hope for what you say or what I say.”

It is noteworthy that the “Shaima” festival topped the trend of social networking sites due to its strangeness and the content of its words, as well as the way the video clip was filmed.


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