A “terrifying incident” threatens an Iraqi city.. 100 cluster bombs were stolen


Street vendors are active in various Iraqi provincesThey have been teaching in these professions for years, and they live from them by selling iron to the Scrap factor (scrap stores).

The mayor of Al-Zubayr district, Abbas Maher, said in a press statement, “The concerned authorities collect war remnants from time to time for the purpose of preparing them and detonating them later, and during that there were about 10 empty containers, except for one of them that contained more than 100 cluster bombs.”

He added, “Some street vendors stole the container inside Cluster bombs Which was scheduled to be detonated in the southern Rumaila desert,” noting that “the sellers thought that these containers were empty, so they moved them to an unknown destination.”

He stressed that “these sellers roam the factories and deserts to obtain iron and sell it on scrap factories, without realizing the seriousness of this matter.”

In turn, a security source stated that “the local police in the province received a call to alert during the coming hours, in anticipation of a disaster and placing these bombs in an unsafe situation, which would cause a humanitarian disaster.”

The source, who declined to be named, added to “Sky News Arabia” that “the cities surrounding the site of the accident witnessed an extensive spread, and a thorough search of cars and wheels, in search of street vendors, as well as calls through local mediaand communication channels in order to reach them.

There was no comment from security forces About the incident so far, amidst the fears expressed by the citizens of the city of a catastrophe by detonating these bombs, ignorant of the sellers, or their lack of knowledge of the safe way to reach the official authorities, or their fear of being accused and prosecuted.

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