A tragedy shakes the artistic community…. a famous artist who was killed by her husband in the bathroom and left in the bathtub until her blood drained… You won’t believe who she is??


We may not remember the name of the artist, Gilan Zaki, but of course we remember the heroine of the stray light who played the role of Habiba Fares Al-Azaizi, “Mohamed Riyad” at the beginning of the series, and this series was and still is an icon in the Egyptian drama with all its members.


Gilan Zaki could have become a great artist, whose name is widely circulated, if she continued her artistic career, but her end was tragic, at the hands of her husband.

“Afish” reviews the most prominent secrets of Gilan Zaki and the story of her tragically murder at the hands of her husband.

Who is Gilan Zaki?

Gilan Zaki studied law, and specialized in addiction issues. Her full name is Gilan Ibrahim Fouad Zaki.

She started art at a young age, when she was 16 when she participated in the series “Marry and Smile for Life”, but she stopped in order to complete her educational career.

She returned again to participate in the movie “Escape with Sabq Al-Asrar”, after which Youssef Shaaban nominated her for the famous series Al-Daw` Al-Shared.

Gilan Ibrahim’s participation in “Stray Light” was the conclusion of her artistic career, which did not exceed 3 works, to her death at the hands of her husband.

Who is the husband of Gilan Zaki who killed her?

Gilan married a police officer named Khaled Mujamed Reda, and their lives were stable, until she found out that her husband was an addict.

And here was the great shock, as all her attempts to treat her husband, whose bad nature appeared after a period of marriage, failed.

And he was constantly assaulting her, because of his addiction, he was addicted to cocaine.

The night she was killed, he left her in the bathtub and claimed she had fallen

Gilan tried to bear her husband, and on his birthday, which corresponded to March 28, 2000, the wife set up an evening for her husband to celebrate him.

But after the party ended, Gilan was talking to her friend and revealed to her that her husband is addicted and trying to calm him down, so she asked her about medications to treat this nervousness.

But her husband, who was under the influence of alcohol, could not control himself, and beat her violently and exaggeratedly.

He beat her with a sharp object all over her body, killing her.

The husband put his wife in the bathtub until her blood drained, and then told the police that she had fallen into the bathtub, which led to her death, but the court relied on testimonies from the people of Gilan and neighbors and their confession that he was a cocaine addict and was constantly assaulted.

The soldier who used him to wipe the blood in the bathroom of the house also confessed to him, and said that her husband left her in the bathtub until her blood cleared.



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