After 20 years of celibacy… Caesar Kazem El Saher kidnapped the most beautiful women in the universe… and she was in and surprisingly her age!


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The artist Kazem El-Saher has refrained from marriage for more than 20 years, after he married once in his life at the age of 21. His marriage to a mother and his two sons, Wissam and Omar, lasted for many years, approaching 20 years, until disputes broke out between them that ended in separation.


And Caesar Kazem El-Saher continued, refusing to marry for a long time, until he appeared in leaked photos with a beautiful Tunisian young woman in his life called Sarah, who was said to be the lucky one who won the heart of the beloved of women in the Arab world.

A photo of the artist Kazem El Saher with the young woman whose photo had previously spread with her during the filming of the second season of the “The Voice Kids” program, and he stated at the time that the photo was leaked to pressure El Saher to announce the love story that he had previously talked about in the “Labyrinth” program.

With the media, Wafaa Al-Kilani, but the Caesar, who as usual surrounds everything related to his private life with secrecy, remained silent and did not comment on the photo.

As “Al-Saher” used to be completely secretive about the details of his personal life, secrecy is still attached to his new wife, who only showed some information about her life.

One of those pictures was Kazem sitting next to him in the midst of a group of friends and his two sons, and other pictures spread amid a wave of pictures of a second woman who some believed to be his fiancee, a woman working in the media field and an interior engineer, Sarah, but she is Moroccan.

Sarah Al-Tunisi is the daughter of the city of Sfax, who also holds French citizenship. She is in her early thirties, which shows the great age difference between the two, as the “Saher” passes the age of 60, that is, separated by about 30 years.

Sarah arrived in the last season of the program “The Voice Kids”, accompanied by the artist, and she frequently visited him during the scenes of the program. Although rumors and gossip circulated about his marriage to many in the artistic community and outside, he did not come out with a comment or one of his sons, unlike what happened this time.

It is reported that the great artist Kazem El-Saher achieved great success by collaborating with the late Syrian poet Nizar Qabbani in many poems. “Al Hob Al Imsaheel”, “Do you have any doubts”, “I love you”, “I testify that there is no woman”, to shine his star and become one of the best Arab artists, and he is admired by many.

Kazem El Saher released several albums, including “Afrah” in 1993, and “Bant Alaibak”, before moving to Cairo in 1994 and releasing the album “Your Safety from the God”, and in 1995 he released the album “After Love”,

Most of his songs succeeded, which contributed to his contract with Rotana in 1996, and he released the album “Washley Al Bared”, and he continued with her for more than 14 albums, including “Madrasat Al Hob”, “I and Laila”, “Al Hob Al Mosaheel”, and “Al Hob Al Mostaheel”. Barefoot, and many more.


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