After being accused of insulting the Saudis, a surprising reaction from the artist Salwa Muhammad Ali


The Egyptian artist, Salwa Muhammad Ali, commented on the controversy that arose after the circulation of her statement, which caused a wave of anger among the Saudi public, who considered her speech as an insult to the Kingdom, which she completely denied.

And Salwa Muhammad Ali stated, according to “Fuchsia”, saying: “I never intended to offend the Riyadh season or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for which I have full respect and appreciation for its people, but some misunderstood my words. year, and my speech was nothing more than a projection of the crisis.”

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The artist added: “I was surprised by the anger of some and the wrong interpretation of my words, which prompted me to issue an official statement to clarify what I meant, from my publication through the social media, so that no misunderstanding occurs or my words are distorted, we are brotherly Arab peoples, and the Saudis have great love in our hearts. I certainly did not mean what was understood by some, so I had to clarify after correcting the matter.”

The crisis had begun when the artist, Salwa Muhammad Ali, criticized, through her official account on “Facebook”, the singing of the artist Hani Shaker on the same stage on which a number of festival singers sang, namely Hamo Beca, Hassan Shakoush and Omar Kamal in the Riyadh season, and she said in her post before she deleted it. : “The captain of musicians will sing on the same stage that a festival singer sang on. A big salute to Saudi Arabias confidence in the impact of money on people around the world, and the truth is trust in its place. Congratulations to Professor Hani Shaker.”

Her publication caused a wave of anger among the Saudi public, which exposed her to attack and criticism through the social media, which prompted her to issue the statement to clarify what she meant and completely deny the offense to Saudi Arabia or the Riyadh season.

Salwa Muhammad Ali said in an explanatory statement to her: “It goes without saying that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia enjoys a great position, especially among the Egyptians, especially in light of the cultural and artistic expansions that the Kingdom is witnessing in recent times, which contributes to the leadership and advancement of Arab art as a whole.” .

And she continued: “It must be clarified that what I meant in one of my posts circulating yesterday, about the participation of the artist Hani Shaker and some festival singers in the Riyadh season, I do not mean by the Kingdom or the artistic events in the Riyadh season, but was a comment from me on the crisis of festivals singers and the captain of musicians that occupied public opinion in Egypt during the past weeks.”

She concluded, “In the end, I hope that the crisis between festival singers and the Syndicate of Musical Professions in Egypt will soon end, in a way that supports the artistic movement and its makers of all kinds and orientations.”

Source: fuchsia.

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