After the sixth victim, the latest developments in the incident of “schoolgirls’ sexual assault”


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Thursday 02 December 2021

Books – Tarek Samir:
A new victim joined others who were subjected to indecent assault by a worker inside a famous school in Maadi, bringing the total of the victims to 6 schoolgirls who did not reach the legal age.

The sixth report came after the Public Prosecution ordered the detention of the accused pending investigations in the case and listened to the statements of other girls who confirmed that a “worker” at the school touched their chastity areas and sexually assaulted them.

In the following report, “Masrawy” reviews the most prominent aspects of the case so far:


The beginning was last November 23, when the Maadi Public Prosecution conducted a legal confrontation between a student and a worker, accusing him of indecent assault inside a famous school in Maadi.

The 4-year-old victim appeared in front of a number of defendants, including the accused worker, and as soon as she saw him, she hid in fear behind her father, according to a source familiar with the investigations.

The child, who was victim, noticed redness in the sensitive areas of their daughter several times after her return from school.

And then, in the same week, the security authorities received a new report of a similar incident with another 4-year-old girl. The girl’s father accused a school worker of luring his daughter, molesting her, and indecently indecently in a bathroom.

Two new girls

On November 29, two new schoolgirls underwent a medical examination at the Forensic Medicine Authority after a decision by the prosecution, bringing the number of victims to 4, while the school’s parents submitted various complaints; The Ministry of Education, the Presidency of the Republic, Administrative Control and Legal Affairs in the educational administration to which the school is affiliated, and a child aid report.

Official statement from the Public Prosecution

On November 30, the Public Prosecutor issued a detailed statement about the incident, including the continued detention of the accused, pending investigations, and the investigations included hearing the statements of the victims families. The parents of a victim girl, they learned from her, decided that she had been assaulted in the school toilet, so they took her to a hospital and found infections in her chastity areas.

The prosecution heard the parents of 4 other girls, and they confirmed that they discovered the incident from their daughters and presented them to the hospital to find out that they were suffering from infections in the areas of their chastity.

Forensic Medicine

“Masrawy” obtained a copy of the results of the initial (apparent) medical examination of one of the students, and revealed redness in the anus and vagina of the victim.

Sixth victim

Yesterday, Wednesday, the latest reports from the families of female students at the school included a sixth victim who wrote a report accusing the imprisoned worker of sexually assaulting their child.

A source – who declined to be named – explained that the prosecution listened to the statements of the kg1 student and her family, which indicated that the accused touched her chastity areas and infected her with redness and inflammation in the sensitive areas of her body.

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