Al-Ahly agrees to Badr Bannon’s stay in Qatar after Morocco bid farewell to the Arab Cup


Al-Ahly club’s technical staff, led by South African Pitso Musimani, agreed to Al-Mughrabi’s request Badr Banoon The team’s defender has to stay in Qatar and not return to Cairo after his country’s exit from the Arab Cup tournament by losing from Algeria on penalties, especially since the Red Genie will go to Qatar next Friday to face Moroccan Raja for the African Super Cup title, and this decision comes to prevent Badr Bannon’s injury due to travel stress. And back to Qatar again.

Al-Ahly is competing in the African Super Cup as a champion of the African Champions League, while the Moroccan Raja will enter the African Super as the champion of the Confederation.

Al-Ahly club’s technical staff, led by South African Pitso Musimani, was keen to support the team’s defender Badr Banoon after his country’s farewell to the Arab Cup tournament currently being held in Qatar, after losing to Algeria 5-3 on penalties in the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Al-Ahly praised the level of Badr Bannon after his brilliance in the matches of the Atlantic Lions and his success in leading the Moroccan team to win many matches in the tournament, stressing that Bannon should get rid of the sorrows of the Arab farewell to focus with the red genie in the face of the African Super against Moroccan Raja, which is scheduled for December 22 this year. .

Earlier, club officials refused Al-Ahly The idea of ​​discussing any offers for Moroccan Badr Bannon, defender of the red team, during the current summer transfer period, in light of the need for the technical staff led by South African Pitso Musimani for the player’s efforts in the new season,

Al-Ahly adheres to Badr Bannon’s continuation and is not thinking of dispensing with him, despite receiving distinguished offers recently, and Pitso Mosimani refuses to abandon the Moroccan defender, as he is one of the pillars of Al-Ahly’s defense and one of the most important names that are difficult to replace easily.

Badr Bannon won the African Champions League with the Red Genie, along with the African Super Cup, the Egypt Cup, and the bronze in the Club World Cup.


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