Al-Ahly grants Kahraba the right to self-determination to stay or leave


Al-Ahly club officials granted Mahmoud Kahraba, the wing of the red team, the right to decide his fate to stay or leave Al-Jazira Castle, especially after the player was completely out of the technical accounts of the technical staff led by Pitso Musimani in the recent period and his permanent exclusion from the ranks of Al-Ahly since the beginning of the current season.

Al-Ahly club officials insist on staying Electricity And completing his contract with the club, but if he has a desire to leave, the matter will be presented to the technical staff to know his position on the player’s departure or survival, given that he is the final decision-maker to remain electrified or leave Al-Ahly in the next winter Mercato.

Many speculations spread about Musimani’s unwillingness to stay Kahraba, before Al-Ahly officials came out and confirmed their adherence to the player’s survival and commitment within the club, and stressing that there was no intention of Kahraba’s departure, but if there was a desire from the player to search for a new challenge to escape from the bench. Al-Ahly administration will not stand in front of his desire.

The crisis of Mahmoud Kahraba, the first football team player in the club, escalated Al-AhlyWith the technical staff of the team led by Pitso Musimani, after he was excluded from the list of the team that participated in the official matches for the third time in a row, a state of uncertainty prevails about the player’s future with the team before the upcoming winter transfer period, which we highlight in the following lines.

And there has become a clear case of mistrust between South African Betso Musimani, coach of Al-Ahly, and Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim Kahraba, coach of Al-Ahly, after the crisis of the press conference during which Musimani believed that Kahraba conveyed the team’s news to journalists, which the player later denied, but after that incident he did not Kahraba participates in any meeting with Al-Ahly, and he left the list three times in a row in front of Zamalek, then before the Arab Contractors, and finally in front of Al-Mahalla.


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