Al-Dingwan (Rushdi Abaza) reveals the secrets of being harassed for the first time in his life. You will not believe who the culprit is?


He was nicknamed “Bedengwan of Arab Cinema”. He worked with most of the distinguished Egyptian female artists. His works were distinguished from others by their diversity and distinction from others.

He was known for his love and affection for the “six” women, but in his private life this was not the case, so a life full of events, including marital infidelity and death threats.

In an interview with the Lebanese magazine Al-Shabaka, Abaza said: My first relationship was with the mother of a colleague, and the relationship was as follows. And his mother is in the second room, watching her machine, leaving her only to make us tea or food.

And one night she said to her son, “Go and buy us food.”

“The guest does not go out with the owner of the house, just as the world is night, and I prefer you to be here to comfort my loneliness.” He added: The truth is, I did not doubt her intentions, and her son looked at me and said, “Stay here, Rushdi, with my mother, and I will return shortly.”

And he continued, after his friend came down from the house, he practiced betrayal with her, and he felt very ashamed, and he was upset by his betrayal of a friend of his age, expressing, “I felt upset at the time because of my betrayal of my friend.”


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