Al-Masry calls for postponing the clearing match after Corona injuries


Mohamed El-Khouly, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Masry, revealed that his team was suffering from Corona virus infections before facing Egypt Clearing in the Egyptian Premier League, and said: “The team suffers from Corona injuries, and we demand that the Egypt clearing match be postponed.”

Added Vice Chairman Egyptian: “There is no item in the Football Association’s list related to the Corona virus.”

In a related context, Shadi Mohamed, the former Egyptian football star, said that there is a crisis in the Egyptian club with 11 players infected with the Corona virus before confronting Egypt Clearing within the postponed matches of the sixth round of the Egyptian Premier League competition today.

Shadi Muhammad said in televised statements: “There are 11 players infected with the Corona virus in the Egyptian club before facing Egypt clearing in the league, and there are 8 injuries from the medical and administrative apparatus.”

He added, “There is a request from Al-Masry to postpone the Misr Al-Maqasa match.”

The Referees Committee, headed by Essam Abdel Fattah, announced the selection of Ibrahim Noureddine as a referee for the match The Egyptian Port Said And Egypt clearing, which is scheduled to be held on Monday, as part of the postponements of the sixth round of the General League competition.

Al-Masry Al-Portsaidi Club, led by the Tunisian Mouin Al-Shaabani, concluded its training, Sunday, at the sub-pitch of the Burj Al Arab Stadium, in preparation for facing the clearing in the framework of the postponements of the sixth round of the league.

Al-Masry will meet at 5:30 p.m. on Monday with Misr El-Maqasa, in the sixth round of the league at Borg El Arab Stadium, which was postponed due to El-Masry’s association with the matches of the 32nd round in the Confederation Championship.

It is scheduled to give Moein Al-Shaabani, the team’s coach, the opportunity to all players who did not have the opportunity to participate with Al-Masry in previous matches, after skipping the preliminary stages of the Confederation, which forced the Port Said coach to rely on a specific group of players from last season’s list.

Al-Masry Port Said officials held a special session with Moeen El Shaabani, the team’s coach, to determine the needs of the Port Said team and the centers that need to be strengthened in the upcoming winter Mercato, as the Egyptian club seeks to meet the needs of the Tunisian coach, hoping to continue the strong performances in the league and the Confederation.


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