Al-Masry defeats the Nigerian champion


Mohamed Abdel-Latif “Grindo” granted his Egyptian team, Al-Port Said, the ticket to qualify for the group stage of the African Confederation Cup, after defeating Nigerias Rivers United 1-0 in the second leg, which was held at the “Borg El Arab” stadium in the round of 32 extension.

Grindos goal was the key to qualifying after losing the first leg match that was held last week in Nigeria (2-1), as the Port Said team needed only one goal in order to complete the African journey.

Al-Masry formation: Ahmed Masoud – Ahmed Kenawy – Islam Salah – Amr Moussa – Karim Al-Iraqi – Mohamed Antar – Izzy Emeka – Mustafa Sultan – Farid Shawqi – Mohamed Grendo – Austin Amoto.

Match details:

Al-Masry’s first attempts were in the 12th minute through Grindo after a cross from inside the penalty area, scattered by the Rivers team’s defense.

But Grendo came back again to score the goal for Al-Masry in the 13th minute after a shot from Issam Sultan was kept away by the Nigerian champion goalkeeper, but the ball reached in front of Grendo and turned it into the net.

Nigerien Austin Amoto was close to scoring his team’s second goal from a header, but the Egyptian striker missed the opportunity and touched the ball to the outside net.

Mustafa Sultan in the 29th minute almost scored a goal for Al-Masry after a cross headed towards the goal, but the Nigerian goalkeeper pushed the ball away before it entered.

Before the end of the first half, Mohamed Antar missed a goal for Al-Masry in the 43rd minute, after the Nigerian goalkeeper excelled in removing the ball with a shot from inside the penalty area.

In the 48th minute, the post denied the Egyptian team and its player, Mustafa Sultan, after a direct free-ball shot that bounced in front of Amoto, but wasted the ball after the brilliance of the Nigerian goalkeeper and removed the ball before it entered his net.

Austin Amoto came back again to waste individually for Al-Masry to fail to consolidate the result in favor of his team, and the result remains (1-0) for Al-Masry.

Rivers United threatened Al-Masry’s goal and almost scored a tie without Karim Al-Iraqi, who saved a team and cleared the ball from in front of the goal in the 74th minute.


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