Alexandria Governor: We follow the weather every hour… and the winds may reach the “storm” tomorrow


Major General Muhammad al-Sharif said: Governor of Alexandria, that there is an hourly follow-up of weather conditions, noting that tomorrow there will be medium rain with waves rising from 3 to 5 meters, and wind speeds will range between 50 to 60 km, explaining that the waves may lead to the presence of water accumulations on the Corniche, and there Crunch in the sand that accompanies the waves, as it can obstruct traffic.

He added, during an intervention with the journalist Ahmed Moussa, on the “On My Responsibility” program, which is broadcast on the Sada Al-Balad channel: “We provide loaders to remove sand that may reach the Corniche, to facilitate traffic, and tomorrow the winds may reach the storm, and tomorrow as a precautionary measure, the study has been suspended.” In the interest of their safety, sewage cars will be paid in various areas in Alexandria.

He said: “We thank the sewage and water company, which provided 16 suction vehicles and 7 allowances in order to contribute to raising water from the streets resulting from rain, and tomorrow the rain will be medium and intermittent, and this situation is safer and we are highly prepared for this situation.”

He continued, “We put concrete fenders in 5 places on the Corniche to break the waves, at a cost of one billion and 900 million pounds, in addition to the presence of 5 areas in which the waves’ water collects. .

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