Algeria.. A father keeps his wife and six children without food for more than 15 days in a garage and security is on the move



Algeria.. A father keeps his wife and six children without food for more than 15 days in a garage and security is on the move



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The locality of Ansigha in Algeria witnessed a painful incident, where a man imprisoned his wife and six children in a garage in an isolated neighborhood, and closed the iron door on them from the outside tightly.

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In the details, the Judicial Police Department of External Urban Security in Ansigha, the southern suburb of Khenchela, received a call for help and urgent intervention in order to liberate and save the life of a woman in her forties, accompanied by her minor children, who were under the threat of the crime of forced detention inside a garage on the outskirts of the city. One of the isolated neighborhoods in the area, without food or supplies in extreme cold conditions for more than 15 days, is liable to starve to death.

The victim’s brother’s complaint stated that it was his sister’s husband who detained her with her children, after which the victim’s brother notified the Public Prosecutor in Khenchela Court, as the policemen moved to the site as soon as they received the distress call.

The complaint explained that the facts of this incident date back to the beginning of the second half of last month, when the accused put his wife and six children inside a garage in one of the isolated neighborhoods in Ansigha, closed the iron door from the outside tightly and left them until the end of the past week, without supplies or heating. Subject to certain death, until one of the relatives of the complainant’s mother passed by chance in front of the detention site, to hear the crying and moaning of the children, before he approached the door asking to speak with those inside, as he was informed by the woman who suffered from a critical health condition that she was being held with her six children from Her husband side with unknown reasons and motives, and she begged him to inform the security services to free them and save their lives.

For his part, the witness immediately contacted the victim’s brother and informed him of what he had heard, so he in turn called on the authorities to intervene to save the family’s life and to initiate an investigation with the husband.

After notifying the regional court prosecutor and obtaining permission to break into and search, “the lock on the outer garage door was broken, and the authorities completed an inspection report and a preliminary investigation into the humanitarian and health status of the family members, before transferring them to the headquarters of a hospital institution to receive treatment and the necessary health care.”

Source: “Al-Nahar”, Algeria

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