An American official reveals the scenario of confronting Russia


This development comes hours after the conclusion of the summit Biden With his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, via video, was Ukrainian profile The highlight of this summit.

The US official, who declined to be named, stated that Biden may order the leadership of US forces in a Europe Known as “Yukom”, the redeployment and distribution of its combat units in a way that supports the NATO front.NATO In the eastern flank to counter any possible invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

The official said that one of the most prominent scenarios put forward is the strengthening of the Atlantic presence in Poland and the Black Sea, refusing to disclose additional details.

It does not appear that the summit between Biden and Putin succeeded in achieving a breakthrough that dissipated the tension, as the former threatened to impose ever tougher economic sanctions on Moscow, while the latter demanded guarantees to prevent the expansion of NATO on Russias borders.

The level of tension rose on the Ukrainian-Russian border, with Western accusations of Moscow mobilizing huge forces of more than 70,000 soldiers on the border, in a preparatory step for the invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine says that Russia is planning to launch a military attack on it, which is expected to happen next January.

Media reports said the Kremlin is planning a multi-front attack, early next year, on Ukraine

Russia, for its part, denies its intention to invade Ukraine, and says it is Kiev that is amassing forces in the Donbass region, which is witnessing a conflict between the Ukrainian army and pro-Moscow separatist fighters.

Moscow talks about increasing “Western provocations”, especially in the Black Sea region, which is its side.

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