An “inhuman” image of a Muslim in Western films


On French television, I watched a few weeks ago a movie called “Kidnapping”, where an Albanian Muslim gang in Paris has been stalking young tourists in Paris since their arrival at the airport, and kidnapped them. They are forcibly drugged, and among them are some who become addicted and may die due to the frequent injections of drugs in order to fulfill (desires)! After that, girls and beautiful women are sold in the modern “Maids Market”, which is supposed to be located in some neighborhoods of Paris!
It happens that the father of one of them works in American intelligence and masters martial arts, and during the conversation with her father, she is kidnapped after her father asks her to leave the phone open and hears the kidnappers speak in Albanian, and takes the first plane to Paris to save his daughter from the clutches of the Albanian Muslim gang that sells them in the slave market Taming them with drugs, and as for the buyer, he is often an old Arab Muslim sheikh hungry to own a girl!

Interesting detective movie

The Muslim gang receives large sums of money for its services, but the father of the “kidnapped” finds their (den) and, by warning the girls in Paris, and after adventures the details of which cannot be mentioned, he can rescue his daughter on board the yacht that sails in the Seine and the Arab Muslim sheikh is about to rape her while she is half Nude and drugged. And back to the United States of America, their country. This is very brief. I am not trying to convey (police) events to the reader for his amusement. Rather, I am conveying the (spirit) of the film that paints a dishonorable image of the Muslim, as he does not respect women, but rather finds them as a tool for pleasure, then kidnaps them and sells them. The film is attractive with all its interesting and not boring details, but the Muslim viewer, like me, regrets this picture of a person who adheres to the religion of Islam.

Kidnapped 2: Another movie!
The movie’s mass success encouraged the cinema people to make another (episode), and rather to star in another movie called “The Kidnapped 2” starring Liam Neeson himself, as in the first movie (graduate) of the American intelligence, where this time his wife is kidnapped and kidnapped with her in Istanbul when they went to her for vacation. At the funeral of the kidnappers of his daughter and others, his Albanian Muslim tribe swears revenge, and this time he is kidnapped with his wife. As for his daughter, who was accompanying them to Istanbul on a tourist visit, she survives the kidnapping, and even contributes to saving her parents this time. And we see in the film the inhuman treatment he and his wife receive while the Albanians kidnapped them.

Torture of the mother and the mother of the “kidnapped 1”

We see the father of the murdered American boy kidnapper enter to torture her mother (the poor woman did nothing, but the film adds a new picture to the inhuman Islamic behavior).
Before raping her, he tortures her, and the spectator is worried when he sees that old man opening a wallet containing knives and scalpels to torture and enjoys torturing her by inserting knives into the skin of her face to mutilate her… But her husband, who is suspended with chains in another room, ready to be tortured, succeeds in getting rid of his chains and saving his wife, while their kidnapped daughter Previously, she runs to the US Embassy to file a complaint and rescue her parents.

Another cinematic image offensive to Muslims

Perhaps the ugliest images of the Muslim in the film, is that the American (represented by Liam Neeson) standing in front of the father of the murdered kidnapper who had previously kidnapped his daughter, and he puts his pistol in front of him and says to him: This is my pistol, let us reconcile. I will not kill you though I can, but we are tired together of the useless war between us and kidnapping and torture and revenge, will you agree to peace? And the Muslim, the father of the murdered kidnapper, says to him: I agree! Thus (Actor Liam Neeson) leaves his gun to the father of the murdered kidnapper and turns his back to leave the place in Istanbul, where he was imprisoned and tortured and his wife. But as soon as he turns his back to get out, the kidnapper’s father shoots him with a pistol. Unless it occurred to him that the father of “Kidnapped 1,” Liam Neeson, had extracted the bullets from the pistol as a precaution.. And he was right in not trusting the Muslim, unfortunately, (another cinematic image that offends the image of the Muslim!), meaning that he is not honest and cannot be reassured.” His promises.” And here Neeson kills him. The scene is symbolic, that is, the impossibility of trusting a Muslim!

When will the cinema that does justice to the Muslim come?

Islamophobia, which suffers from Muslims living in the West, has its roots in films that paint an inhuman and unjust picture of him.
There are many Western films that paint an unfair image of a Muslim, and the movie “The Kidnapped” is a model of an unreal image of a Muslim man wherever he is.. Many actors of Arab Muslim origin have become in European cinema, so will we soon see films or series that do justice to the (human) Muslim? The halal son whose religious belief does not impose harm on him, but rather the opposite?

Amr Magdah and the name “Hazem”

I think that the foregoing of my article is depressing, so I turn to another topic. Amr Majdah – Sultanate of Oman said, in response to my article “Life is novels, let us write them”: There is a connection and a love relationship that develops between the writer and the heroes of his novels, which prompted Al-Saman to give the name Hazem to Her only one (meaning my son, Dr. Hazem Daouk), after the hero of her story in her book “The Night of the Strangers”. Here, I confess to Amr Majdah that I also like the name Hazem for a reason that no one probably paid attention to, which is that it is an exceptional name: write Hazem (meaning firmness) in opposite letters; That is: MZZAH, and the word becomes (joking) when the letters are reversed and read, which depicts the duality of human nature… The assertive is not without joking. And the name of my son, Dr. Hazem, if you read its letters in the opposite way, it becomes (joking)! And I have a love relationship with human nature, where the firm is not without joking.. Rather, it is his other image at the same time. And thanks to Amr Majdah, who paid attention to the love relationship between me and the heroes of my stories, and most importantly, the exceptional name that includes the two extremes: assertiveness/joking; Any image of human nature, hence the name Waheedy Dr. Hazem.


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