An unexpected surprise… You won’t believe that this girl who appeared with Faten Hamama in a movie is her real daughter!! Thus, her shape became after she grew up and became very beautiful, and the surprise in her famous father? | photo


Over the past decades, no one knew, except for a few, that the girl who appeared with Faten Hamama in one of her films was her real daughter, Nadia.


You may feel to hear that one of the artists or artists has a son or daughter who appeared with them during the films they presented, and we did not know that he was his son or daughter.

This happened with the lady of the Arab screen, Faten Hamama, where many do not know that she has a daughter who appeared with her before in a movie, and achieved great success in her distinguished role, as she was about 5 years old.

She is the child Nadia Zulficar, the daughter of Faten Hamama from director Ezzedine Zulficar, who is considered the first husband of Faten Hamama, whom she married at a young age and separated from him to marry Omar Sharif.

Nadia Zulfikar was born in 1948, and she appeared with her mother as a child in the movie “A Date with Happiness”, which co-starred with Imad Hamdi, Abdel Warith Asser and Hussein Riad.

She appeared as a young woman in the movie A Story Behind Every Door, and a guest movie for dinner until she retired from art and traveled abroad.

With the death of Faten Hamama, her name spread widely through her statements about her mother’s burial and condolences, as she refused to hold any condolences, in response to Faten Hamamas will.



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