Atletico Mineiro celebrates the Brazilian League title .. on the bodies of its fans


Hundreds of . lined up fans, Monday, in the rain in the southeastern city of Belo Horizonte, to obtain one of four designs to commemorate the title.

The organizers hired about 30 artists to tattoo the fans at the club’s stadium “MRV Arena”, which is still under construction.

The organizers gave fans the freedom to choose the image of the trophy as a tattoo, the rooster that is the club’s mascot, the phrase “the rooster won” or a drawing of the new stadium.

“I have a dick in my heart, and now there’s one on my arm,” retired Terezinia das Gracas, 73, said proudly, showing off her new tattoo.

Some dedicated fans have even lined up since Sunday night to make sure they get one of the 1,000 free tattoos offered by the club.

Organizers appealed to fans to donate a kilogram of food to charity in exchange for tattoos.

The event was sponsored by the construction company MRV founded by Rubens Minin, one of a group of philanthropists who lent Atletico Mineiro interest-free funds to enable the club to sign a series of stars.

Atletico Mineiro won its second league title, after it won in 1971, two stages before the end of the season, with its victory over Bahia 3-2 last Thursday in a match postponed from the thirty-second stage.

He raised his catch to 81 points in the lead, 9 points behind his pursuit, Flamengo, who abdicated the throne after winning the title in the past two seasons.

After a difficult start to the season, coach Alexei Stefal’s team succeeded, led by players like mortal Hispanic is of Brazilian descent Diego Costa, in imposing his dominance on the league, starting from the fifteenth stage, leading to the final decision of the title and another blow to Flamengo, who lost the final match of the Copa Libertadores for clubs South America in front of his countryman PalmeirasWhich led to the departure of coach Renato Portaluppi, who arrived at the team last summer.


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