Belarus protests Ukraine’s violation of its borders


Belarus protests Ukraine's violation of its borders


The Ministry of Defense of Belarus said that it had delivered a note of protest to the Ukrainian military attache in Minsk, regarding the violation of the Belarusian state border.

The ministry added, in its statement: “On December 5, 2021, the military attache of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Republic of Belarus was summoned to the Department of International Military Cooperation of the Belarusian Ministry of Defense and handed over a note of protest regarding the increasing violations of the borders of the Republic of Belarus in the airspace of the Ukrainian side.”

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The Belarusian Guard publishes a video of a Ukrainian helicopter violating the Belarus border

The statement stated that the reason for summoning the military attache was a Ukrainian Mi-8 helicopter, on December 4, 2021, violating the borders of the state of Belarus in the air in the Novaya Rodnya region.

The military attache was informed that “the Ukrainian side is avoiding dialogue to resolve differences, whether in the field of international military cooperation or arms control, which is very worrying.”

Source: TASS

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