Biden’s health raises concern .. a video of “symptoms” that appeared on him


During his conference, which was held in White House to talk about US economyHe appeared to have clear congestion and coughed several times, which prompted a reporter to ask him about his health.

Biden said, “I’m fine. I’m taking a test. covid every day. The thing is that my one and a half year old grandson has a cold He loves to kiss his grandfather. It’s just a cold.”

And the White House, which pledged complete transparency about President’s health, then issued a certificate signed by the latter’s doctor indicating that Biden had undergone tests for 19 common respiratory infections, including Covid-19 and other types of infection. Corona Virus and influenza, and all of those tests came back negative.

و .مضى Of the bygones The weekend with his family for the all-important Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

وتخشى United State From the outbreak of COVID-19 infections with the onset of winter and the spread of the new mutant, Omicron.

Joe Biden, 79, is the oldest president in US history, which makes his health a special concern.

Earlier in November, he underwent a comprehensive but routine examination, after which White House physician Kevin O’Connor announced the results of the tests, saying that the president was “in good health.”


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