Britain records 78,610 cases of corona, the highest daily toll since the start of the pandemic


announced Britain 78,610 cases of the new Corona virus were recorded, the highest daily toll since the beginning of the pandemic, according to urgent news broadcast by Al-Arabiya TV a short time ago.

And earlier, British Minister Alex Burgart said that more than 50% of the cases of “Corona” virus in the capital, London, are for the “Omicron” mutated.“.

The Sky News channel, in its English language publication today, Wednesday, reported this announcement about Bourget, adding that he was informed by the British House of Commons, and the channel indicated that this number was only a third until last Sunday, noting that scientists warn From the rapid spread of the “Omicron .” mutant“.

Yesterday night, members of the British Parliament voted in favor of the government’s “Plan B” measures, which will tighten (Covid-19) restrictions in England..

Plan B means a series of measures approved with the support of the Labor Party, including Covid permits for public places, the wearing of masks and changes to self-isolation rules.

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