Brotherhood organizations intensify their activity in America .. What is the secret of timing?


Egyptian experts and observers said that terrorist group It began moving its “human rights” arms after the recent meetings between the Egyptian and American sides, in the context of supporting joint cooperation, with the aim of disturbing and disrupting discussions, and putting pressure on institutions to return Brotherhood For the political scene and the release of some prisoners.

On Friday, the so-called Egyptian Rights Bloc in America demanded that the Joe Biden administration review a new review of Egyptian spending mechanisms for US aid.

According to an informed Egyptian source, the leader, Muhammad Sultan, who gave up his Egyptian citizenship years ago, but holds American citizenship, is in charge of the coordination file between international regulation and a number of American institutions; Among them are the Democratic Party, and other institutions active in the field of human rights and political propaganda.

Exploiting human rights slogans

For her part, Director of the Egyptian Center for Free Democratic Studies, Dalia Ziada, said that the Brotherhood’s exploitation of human rights slogans and principles to promote their agenda and the alleged injustice they are trying to convince the international community of, is not a new thing, as the Brotherhood began to play on this chord since the beginning of the millennium.

In a statement to “Sky News Arabia”, Ziada explained that the fact that the Brotherhood is a banned group by the state, ostracized and hated in the middle of the street, led the organization’s elements to enter the human rights field, whether by establishing their own organizations, or working through existing and existing Egyptian or international human rights institutions. Already in Egypt.

penetration of jurists

Ziadeh explains that the paradox is that human rights organizations accepted, embraced, and encouraged the presence of Brotherhood members among their ranks, while those in charge of them adopted leftist ideas that completely contradict the Brotherhood’s extremist religious ideology.

She adds that the group was able to create for itself legitimacy and a presence that it would not have dreamed of, especially among young people, so that in 2005, President George W. Bush pressured his counterpart at the time, Hosni Mubarak, in order to enable the Brotherhood to obtain some seats in Parliament as a political opposition and human rights activists .

She added that after the fall of their rule in Egypt in 2013, they did not find a place for themselves in the decision-making circles in Europe and America, because their group is already classified as a terrorist organization in many countries, and therefore it was difficult for many officials to meet with them or deal with them as members of a group. Brotherhood.

In the face of this new situation, the Brotherhood resorted to the adjective “human rights activist” or “human rights workers” and other descriptions that suggest that they are working for a cause valued and respected by the West, which is human rights, and not for the sake of serving their group and its agenda, which is in fact against human rights. .

Human rights plagiarism

And she continued, “Among them is Muhammad Sultan. Muhammad was not known in Egypt at all before his arrest and imprisonment in the years after the fall of the Brotherhood’s rule, because he is the son of Salah Sultan, the well-known Brotherhood leader, and after his release he traveled to America and worked from there against Egypt and describes himself as an activist. Jurist”.

She added that Muhammad Sultan disavows his affiliation with the group all the time, and claims that he is only a human rights activist, despite the fact that he explicitly serves the Brotherhood.

Sultan was able to win the sympathy of some senior officials in the US State Department and the US Congress, and they are now working with him through the so-called human rights bloc in Egypt.

According to a study by the Washington Institute prepared by the American researcher Steve Merley, the Muslim Brotherhood is active in America through 6 traditional institutions that have been operating for decades, which are the so-called “Islamic Endowment”, “Islamic Association”, “International Institute of Islamic Thought” and “Council for Relations” The Islamic American Society, the Islamic American Society, and the Fiqh Academy.

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