building materials prices| Iron rises 62%… and a significant increase in the fatness


11:10 PM

Tuesday 07 December 2021

Books – Mohamed Abdel Nasser:

An official report issued by the Central Administration of Building Needs and Materials, affiliated to the Ministry of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, revealed an increase in the prices of building and finishing materials during the month of December compared to the previous period.

“Masrawy” publishes the different price stages of building materials prices, according to the price bulletin, which came as follows:

The price of a ton of iron during the current December recorded 15,500 pounds, an increase of 1,000 pounds over the months of last September and August, where the size of the increase amounted to 7%, and 62% during the last 12 months, where the ton recorded last November 9,550 pounds.

The increase began to escalate, as a ton of iron recorded at the end of last year 11,600 pounds, then it reached 13,600 pounds during the months of March and April, and it became 14,500 pounds in the period from May to September.

As for cement, both types of white and ordinary Portland, there was also an increase in prices, as a ton of ordinary Portland cement recorded 1,100 pounds, while in the same month last year, it recorded 720 pounds, an increase of 31%, over last year.

A ton of white cement recorded 2500 this month, an increase of 100 pounds over last year, with a value of 4.2%.

The prices of gravel increased by 10%, as the specific meter of gravel recorded 175 pounds, an increase of 30 pounds per meter compared to last year.

The prices of gypsum were somewhat stable in the rest of the building materials, as a ton of gypsum for shredding recorded 930 pounds, an increase of 5.6% over the same time last year.


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