CAF refuses to comment on “solving the Al-Ahly crisis in the Club World Cup”


The Confederation of African Football refused to reveal the steps to be taken to solve the Al-Ahly club crisis in the next edition of the Club World Cup, the date of which contradicts the end of the next Africa Cup of Nations.

Alexandre Sewe, who is responsible for communication and media with the Confederation of African Football, said that the CAF General Secretary will arrive in Cameroon after two days to review the latest preparations for the organization of the Nations Cup, which will be held in early January.

He added in statements to Tunisian Radio Mosaique: “We are working hard, day and night, so that we can complete all the preparations for the organization of the African Cup in the place that was previously determined, which is Cameroon.”

Siwe continued, “I am speaking to you now from Cameroon. Work is in progress to finish everything that needs to be completed ahead of schedule, which is our goal at the moment.”

In response to the rumors that were circulated regarding the transfer of the African Cup and granting its organization to another country, perhaps Qatar, Siwe said: “I do not know who is promoting such rumors, and we have no time to respond to everything that is being circulated. Until the moment I speak with you, Cameroon It will host the next African Cup in January.”

Radio Mosaique stated in its report: “On the other hand, our interviewer refused to discuss the issue of changing the starting date of the African Cup, scheduled from January 9 to February 6, 2022, after news spread that the start date of the tournament could be brought forward to coincide with the Club World Cup, which will be held in the UAE in the extended period. Between February 3 and 12.

In a related context, Alexander Siwe continued: “All journalists who applied for badges to enter stadiums in order to cover the African Cup received approval confirming that the tournament will be held in Cameroon and not in another country.”

He concluded: “The instructions he received from the officials of the Confederation of Africa is to work on completing all the procedures for organizing the Nations Cup in Cameroon, and I confirm that everything circulated in the media is just baseless speculation.”

wakaن El-Ahly.commay pWhy did Fatima Samoura, Secretary-General of the International Federation, send a letter yesterday afternoon, Monday, to the Secretary-General of CAF, in order to discuss bringing forward the date of the African Nations Cup to avoid conflict with the Club World Cup and the crisis it represents for Al-Ahly.

At the request of Al-Ahly .. FIFA calls on CAF to solve the Club World Cup crisis and amend the date of the African Nations

Al-Ahly’s campaign in the Club World Cup begins with Monterrey, Mexico, on February 5, a day before the end of the Nations Cup, while he faces the Brazilian Palmeiras on the 8th of the same month, if he wins the first match.


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