China seeks to implement a new plan to improve cross-border big data control


Chinas Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has called for better cross-border security management of big data up to 2025, in a five-year plan released Tuesday.

The plan, which builds on Chinas 14th Five-Year Plan published earlier this year, comes as the country pushes its regulatory framework for data and technology forward, reasserting data as a “production factor” and a “national strategic resource”.

The plan contains six main tasks, including improving the “marketing” of data, improving computing power, playing a leading role in the development of global technology standards, and calling for stronger management of cross-border data flows and more support for open source initiatives.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has estimated that Chinas big data industry will exceed 3 trillion yuan ($470.79 billion) by the end of 2025, and Beijing has implemented two major laws this year — the Personal Information Protection Law and the Data Security Law, which govern how companies and organizations store and transmit data.


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