Corona is spreading on board a ship… and 3200 passengers are in trouble


The Louisiana Department of Health said in a press release that the ship left New Orleans on November 28, and is scheduled to return this weekend.

The ship, carrying more than 3,200 passengers, has stopped over the past week in Belize, Honduras andMexico.

The statement said, “The ship adheres to quarantine protocols andinsulation appropriate, after discovering new infections.

Before disembarking in New Orleans, all passengers on the ship will undergo tests, while officials said that any infected person will go directly to his home, or will self-isolate in specific places that will be provided by the authorities.

Officials did not disclose any information about the conditions of those infected with the virus.

And the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a no-sailing order in March 2020, which led to a complete halt to ship traffic that ended last June, as cruise ships began leaving US ports in accordance with new health and safety requirements.

“Norwegian Cruise Line” requires passengers and crew members to obtain certificates of vaccination against “Norwegian Cruise Line”.covid 19At least two weeks before departure.

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