Death toll from Indonesia volcano eruption rises


Death toll from Indonesia volcano eruption rises


The Indonesian authorities announced today, Sunday, the evacuation of ten people who were trapped after the eruption of the Semeru volcano on the island of Java, while the death toll rose to at least 13 people, as well as dozens of injured.

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1 dead, 41 injured in Semeru volcano eruption in Indonesia

In a press statement, the official in charge of the disaster response Abdul-Mahari said that 13 people were killed after the eruption of the volcano, and two of them were identified, adding that 98 were injured, while the number of evacuees reached 902.

At least 35 people were taken to hospital, the agency said, while the deputy chief of nearby Lumagang district told a news conference that 41 had burns.

The agency indicated that the authorities are setting up tents to receive the affected people.

Videos released by emergency officials showed People running Clouds of smoke and ash covered nearby villages in East Java province on Saturday.

Semeru, located at the highest peak on the island of Java, is one of nearly 130 active volcanoes in Indonesia. The volcano erupted last January without causing any casualties.

Source: “Reuters”

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