Disclosure of 6 steps Egyptian travelers to Saudi Arabia must take


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Disclosure of 6 steps Egyptian travelers to Saudi Arabia must take


Adel Hanafi, Vice President of the General Federation of Egyptians in Saudi Arabia, revealed the necessary procedures that Egyptians wishing to travel to Saudi Arabia should follow.

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Saudi Arabia lifts suspension of flights from Egypt and 5 other countries

In statements to the newspaper, Hanafi, in conjunction with the start of Saudi Arabia to receive the first flights coming from Egypt, after the opening of direct airlines between the two countries on Wednesday morning, identified 6 measures that must be taken before traveling and upon arrival in Saudi Arabia, which are:

1- Taking a smear (PCR) for the Corona virus (72) hours before the date of travel.

2- Register on the (Dodoom) electronic platform before traveling.

3- Reservation in one of the hotels approved by the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia For 5 days to spend the institutional quarantine out.

4- If he is vaccinated with one of the approved vaccinations in Saudi Arabia, he must obtain a comprehensive certificate (QR).

5- If he received a dose of vaccination from the approved vaccines in the Kingdom before going to Egypt, he comes to the queen and is quarantined for 3 days, provided that a PCR smear is done 48 hours after arrival, and on the third day if the swab is negative, he exercises his life normally.

6- Performing a smear (PCR) on the 5th day of the institutional quarantine.

The Vice-President of the General Federation of Egyptians in Saudi Arabia described the opening of direct flights between Egypt and Saudi Arabia as “a very welcome step for the Egyptian community in Saudi Arabia or even the Egyptians outside the Kingdom who wish to come to it.”

As for the labor attache, Ahmed Ragai, head of the labor representation office in Riyadh, he described in a statement to the newspaper “Masrawy” the decision as “good for all groups, especially workers with new visas, whose travel was delayed several times due to the closure of direct flights, and the refusal of business owners to bear the costs of travel (transit),” After the medical examination procedures were repeated whenever its validity period expired, the burden and financial costs on the workers increased, and this is a not small category, which is estimated at tens of thousands of visa holders.”

In his statement, Rajaei pointed out that the beneficiaries of this decision are also “Saudi business owners who have frozen the procedures for obtaining new work visas, which negatively affected the progress of their work, and also benefit from the decision, holders of visit visas, other than the categories of medical staff and teachers until the families are reunited and stabilized.” Without the need for the worker to return to Egypt and take his family or travel in transit.

It is noteworthy that the Saudi Ministry of Interior announced, last Thursday, November 25, that it will allow direct entry to the Kingdom from (6) countries, including Egypt, without the need to spend (14) days outside it, with the application of institutional quarantine for a period of (5) days, as of From 1 am on Wednesday 01/12/2021.

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