Does WhatsApp cause your smartphone memory to fill up.. 3 tricks to get rid of the problem


The “WhatsApp” application for instant communication dominates the digital exchange of information, photos and videos around the world, with more than two billion monthly users, according to a Sky News Arabia report.

Many people use WhatsApp because of its ease of use and the many options it offers to the user in one place.

A person can send photos, videos and documents to anyone he wants and very quickly, and he can also pass those media that he receives to others, all with the push of a button on his smart phone..

But addiction to the use of this application has negative consequences, the first of which is the device’s memory. Unprofessional use of this application leads to memory drain, because “WhatsApp” practically stores the media that you receive on the memory, which leads to its filling quickly.

This practically means limiting a person’s ability to shoot videos and photos or download applications, especially in phones with limited memory such as 16 GB, so what should be done? There are three solutions.

The first step that the user takes, is to go to the account of his friend who sends him the media, and click on the name at the top, and then he will see many options, from which to choose (save to camera roll), then chooses (never), so that the images are not saved in the phone memory.

This method is useful for stopping the storage of files coming from a particular user, but if the person wants to stop saving these files completely on the application, he must go to the settings and then choose (Chat), then cancels the option (save to camera roll).

A third way is through the option (storage and data), then there is a sub-option named (many storage), where large media (more than 5 MB) will appear, so that a person can delete these media, allowing him more space in memory.


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