Egypt.. Forensic medicine reveals a big surprise about the confessions of the Ismailia serial killer


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An Egyptian forensic report revealed a big surprise after the perpetrator of the heinous Ismailia crime confessed that he had committed his crime because of practicing homosexuality with the victim.

The forensic report denied the existence of any signs of an abnormal relationship between the accused and the victim, indicating in his report to the Public Prosecution that the accused’s body is normal and does not have any traces of attacks.

The forensic report confirmed that there were no changes in the accused, categorically denying the existence of the sexual relationship that the accused referred to in his confessions.

The Ismailia Criminal Court adjourned the trial of Abdul Rahman Nazmi, alias Abdul Rahman Dabour, to next Thursday’s session to pronounce the verdict, according to Al-Watan newspaper.

The accused, Abd al-Rahman Magdy, known as Dabour, confessed that he had committed the Ismailia crime and publicly slaughtered a citizen in the street, and that the reason behind his crime was the sexual assault of the victim from childhood.

The accused gave a long story before the Public Prosecution during the investigations, in which he said that the victim was working as a bed in his school and began an abnormal relationship with him that lasted until last winter.


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