Egypt.. Investigations reveal new details in the case of Mohamed Waziri’s conviction of defrauding Haifa Wehbe


Egypt.. Investigations reveal new details in the case of Mohamed Waziri's conviction of defrauding Haifa Wehbe

Actress Haifa Wehbe and Mohamed Waziri

Investigations revealed new details of the conviction of Mohamed Waziri, the artist’s agent, Haifa Wehbe, of breach of trust and seizing her money in the Qasr El Nil case, in which the court sentenced him to 3 years in prison.

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Egypt.. Mohamad Waziri was sentenced to 3 years in prison in a case

Secret investigations conducted by public funds revealed that the incident is true, and that the accused, Mohamed Waziri, seized for himself a sum of two million pounds from the “MGR” company for the role of the artist in the series “Curse of Karma”, and signed the company that handed him the amount in his capacity as the victim’s business manager (Haifa). Wehbe).

Waziri signed the receipt in front of the company’s financial director, and received the checks issued in favor of the victim and received the value of the checks in cash. My minister is imprisoned pending these cases.

Investigations indicated that Muhammad Waziri signed the contracts for these works on the terms to be agreed upon, signed by the victim in the name of the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe in handwriting.

The Misdemeanor Court of Qasr Al-Nil Appeals had earlier upheld the imprisonment of Mohamed Waziri, director of the artist’s business, Haifa Wehbe, for 3 years, enforceable after his conviction for breach of trust, after the investigation authorities referred the accused to the criminal trial imprisoned, after investigations by the security services, which confirmed the accusations against him. .

The Misdemeanors Court of the Qasr Al-Nil Appeals Court revealed the reasons for its verdict on Mohamed Waziri, with an enforceable 3-year imprisonment in the case in which he is accused of “betrayal of trust”, which is one of the cases brought against him by the Lebanese artist, as there are two other cases against him in the courts.

The court stated in the merits of its ruling, that the accused, Mohamed Waziri, on a date prior to the report issued at the Qasr El-Nil Police Department, squandered cash amounts of about two million pounds, which were handed over to him by the artist, Haifa Wehbe, as her agent, but he did not return it to her and embezzled it for himself.

Source: “Cairo 24”

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