Egypt.. New details in the case of the “Maadi Schoolgirls” show


New details of the incident of schoolgirls being subjected to indecent assault from a school worker in Maadi in Cairo.

In the details, schoolgirls were subjected to abuse by a school worker in the school’s bathroom, and the accused threatened them if their parents were informed, but they did not remain silent for long.

In addition, the number of victims rose to 5 schoolgirls, as 4 of them confronted the accused before the prosecution, which decided to detain him pending the case.

The investigations of the case included hearing the statements of the families of the victims, so the parents of a victim girl decided that they had been assaulted in the school’s bathroom, so they took her to a hospital and found infections in her “chastity” areas.

While the prosecution listened to the guardians of 4 other girls, they confirmed that they discovered the incident from their girls and brought them to the hospital to find out that they suffer from infections in the chastity areas as well.

The National Council for Childhood intervenes

For its part, the National Council for Motherhood and Childhood recommended handing over the girls to their eligibility and transferring them to a psychological counseling room, following up on their condition, and providing psychological support and behavior modification sessions.

The Public Prosecution interrogated the accused, and he denied the accusations against him, and presented him to the girls, and some of them recognized him, confirming that he was the one who infringed their chastity in the school toilet.

In turn, the opposition judge at the Maadi Misdemeanour Court decided to renew the detention of the elevator worker for 15 days pending investigations in the first case on charges of indecent assault on a schoolgirl in kg1.

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